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Discover Authentic Kobe Beef: The Standard Meat Club

Discover Authentic Kobe Beef: The Standard Meat Club's Exclusive Offering

In the realm of luxury meats, Kobe beef stands as a paragon of quality and exclusivity. This Japanese delicacy, known for its extraordinary marbling and unparalleled flavor, is a sought-after item among culinary enthusiasts worldwide. However, not all Kobe beef is created equal, and understanding the authenticity and exclusivity of this product is crucial. As one of the few authorized distributors globally, The Standard Meat Club takes pride in offering real Kobe beef, ensuring a dining experience that is both genuine and unforgettable.

The Essence of Real Kobe Beef

Kobe beef originates from the Tajima strain of Japanese Black cattle, raised in Japan's Hyōgo Prefecture. Its reputation for quality comes from its intense marbling and a high percentage of oleaginous unsaturated fat. The texture of Kobe beef is so delicate that it literally melts in your mouth, offering a unique taste that is both rich and tender.

Key Attributes of Authentic Kobe Beef:

  • Exceptional Marbling: The marbling in Kobe beef is unparalleled, contributing to its soft texture and rich flavor.
  • Distinctive Flavor: A result of the unique feeding techniques and breed genetics.
  • Limited Production: Kobe beef comes from specific regions in Japan, adhering to strict guidelines for authenticity.

The Rigorous Standards for Authenticity

Kobe beef's authenticity is strictly controlled by the Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association in Japan. To be labeled as genuine Kobe beef, the meat must meet rigorous standards:

  1. Cattle Breed: Must be pure Tajima-gyu born in Hyōgo Prefecture.
  2. Marbling Rating: The beef must have a marbling rate (BMS) of 6 or higher on a 12-point scale.
  3. Quality Score: It must score a meat quality score of 4 or 5 on a 5-point scale.
  4. Processing: The cattle must be processed in slaughterhouses in Kobe, Nishinomiya, Sanda, Kakogawa, or Himeji in Hyōgo Prefecture.

The Standard Meat Club: A Trusted Authorized Distributor

The Standard Meat Club takes immense pride in being one of the few authorized distributors of Kobe beef globally. Our commitment to authenticity and quality means we adhere to the stringent guidelines set by the Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association. As a registered distributor, we ensure that every cut of Kobe beef we offer embodies the highest standards of purity and excellence.

Why Choose The Standard Meat Club for Kobe Beef

  • Guaranteed Authenticity: Every piece of Kobe beef we offer comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Exclusive Access: As an authorized distributor, we provide access to a product that is rare and highly coveted.
  • Expertise and Knowledge: Our team is knowledgeable about Kobe beef, offering insights into its history, preparation, and culinary uses.


For those who seek the ultimate in dining luxury, authentic Kobe beef is a delicacy that stands in a class of its own. At The Standard Meat Club, our exclusive status as an authorized distributor allows us to provide our customers with the genuine Kobe beef experience. Indulge in the rich, flavorful, and tender qualities of real Kobe beef, and understand why it is so revered in the culinary world.

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