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General Information

What is The Standard Meat Club?

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The Standard Meat Club is an online purveyor of the world's finest meats that allows customers to get the products shipped directly to their door.

Is The Standard Meat Club a subscription based service?

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When we started The Standard Meat Club we wanted to give our customers complete flexibility when it comes to placing orders. So, instead of a subscription based business, we wanted to make it more like an “Exclusive Club” that would offer members discounted pricing, access to unique cross promotions, access to VIP Events, and special one time promotions. If you’re interested in signing up for an automatic recurring order, we can certainly help there too! We want to treat our members like our extended family and will go above and beyond to accommodate just about any special request!

Is the product REAL Wagyu from Japan and Australia?

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YES! We have worked very hard to source only the BEST possible authentic wagyu beef from both Japan and Australia. We also offer some American versions of beef that are quite delicious as well!


How does my product ship?

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Yes, once our products arrive at our warehouse they are immediately processed by our expert butchers, individually packaged and BLAST FROZEN in our -40 degree fahrenheit super freezer to lock in as much of the juicy tenderness as possible! When you place your order, we package all of your products with ice packs and dry ice to ensure a safe transit. If your product arrives slightly de-thawed, don’t worry, just pop it back in the freezer or continue to de-thaw in the fridge. 

Where do you ship?

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We deliver everywhere in the USA!

When does my order ship?

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Please note that all orders ship FedEx only Monday-Wednesday

For all orders – you will receive a tracking number once your order is processed.

Overnight and 2 day shipping is calculated from the DAY of processing – please allow 48 hours hours for orders to process

How is my order packed?

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All of our products are individually Cryo-packed to ensure top freshness for each item. Our packaging allows the meats to stay at cool temperatures for up to 72 hours, keeping them fresh the entire way.

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