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Australian Stone Axe Full Blood Wagyu 32oz Tomahawk BMS 8/9+

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Savor the taste of premium Australian beef with our exquisite Aussie Stone Axe Wagyu Tomahawk. Carefully sourced from the pristine pastures of Australia's hinterlands, this luxurious cut of beef offers a perfect balance of flavor, tenderness, and mouthwatering juiciness.

Each Wagyu Tomahawk is hand-selected from the finest Stone Axe Wagyu cattle, renowned for their exceptional marbling and rich taste. Raised on a natural diet of lush grasses and grains, these cattle are expertly bred for a minimum of 300 days to ensure unmatched quality and taste.  Stone Axe is the most prized beef out of Australia having won 3 Grand Championships back to back.

Full Blood Wagyu refers to cattle that have been raised according to strict Japanese breeding standards, using only purebred Japanese genetics. This ensures that our beef is consistently marbled with fat, resulting in a rich, buttery flavor that is unrivaled in the industry.

Experience the best of what the world of beef has to offer with our Stone Axe Full Blood Wagyu. Order yours today and taste the difference for yourself.


  • BMS 8/9+
  • 1x Tomahawk - 32oz


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