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We started The Standard Meat Club because the standard run of the mill steaks at our local grocery store were just no longer cutting it. We’re the type of guys who truly enjoy the finer things in life, and right up there at the top of that list is the food we put in our belly’s on a daily basis. Sure we could get USDA Prime beef locally if we looked hard enough, but did you know there are different levels of quality in even USDA Prime? And that many of your local grocers only carry beef that barely qualifies as USDA Prime? Not many people know this. Now, trying to find real authentic Japanese or Australian Wagyu beef at your local grocery store was damn near impossible. So, we set out to change that and created The Standard Meat Club.

After searching high and low for over a year to connect with the best possible beef suppliers on the planet, we finally struck gold and became confident that along with our partners we could provide our customers with meat that you would typically only find in Michelin Star rated restaurants. All of our meat comes directly from the farmers to our processing facility, and is then individually cut and packaged by our expert butchers. Once packaged, we immediately blast freeze the meat at sub zero temperatures to lock in the tender juiciness our customers expect and enjoy.  

At The Standard Meat Club we pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality meats that money can buy. Just take a look at our reviews from real customers, and you’ll see the high praise our meats receive from meat lovers all across the country. Become a VIP Member of The Standard Meat Club today and experience the mouth-watering difference that our meats will give you and your guests. It’s time to raise your Standards and “Steak Different”.

Standard Meat Club - CEO & President


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