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Hand Crafted Acacia Wood Standard™ Cutting Board

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The Hand Crafted Acacia Wood Standard™ Cutting Board is a staple in every kitchen and stands out with quality! Made from wild Australian Acacia natural hard-wood which is known for it's durability and beautiful golden brown color accents. Our chef's prefer the Standard™ Cutting Board because Acacia Wood is known to be water resistant which allows it to last for years with everyday use. At The Standard Meat Club, we source safe, reliable and eco-friendly suppliers with sustainable practices for harvesting wood used in our boards. Natural Acacia Wood is lightweight by design and super easy to clean.

Our Standard™ Chef's Cutting Board is conveniently designed to be reversible on both sides, with one side having the juice groove to catch the flavor of your favorite cuts of meat. You can cut, chop or slice on both sides and get the best use of your Standard™ board as each side is finished a luxury food-grade, safe & certified wood finish. Each board is unique in design and varies in color & wood-grain pattern.

  • Dimensions: 18" Wide x 12" Tall x 1" Thick



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