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Asado BBQ Sampler

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Close your eyes and travel to Argentina, the home of the Asado Sampler!  You’ve never tasted anything like this before. The Asado Sampler is a taste of the most popular Argentinian cuts with a wagyu twist. This mouth watering sampler includes a Gold Tier Wagyu Picanha + our most popular Truffle Salt Seasoning. Perfect for a weekend BBQ or a family dinner!

Experience a real Asado BBQ cookout with this hand curated assortment of meat, perfect for an open fire traditional grill. 

  • 1x Gold Tier Australian Wagyu Full Picanha (Approximately 3.5-4lbs) 
  • 1x Churasco Style Prime Skirt Steak (1lb) 
  • 1x SMC Truffle Salt Seasoning


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